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20 sheets for Instant Film
20 sheets for Instant Film
20 sheets for Instant Film

20 sheets for Instant Film

Min. order: 2 pieces
30-89 pieces
≥ 90 pieces
Amazon price $11.63

20 sheets for Instant Film

Stick Amazon or Walmart labels

  • Compatible with all Instax Mini style cameras
  • Image Area 1.81 x 2.44 inches

Sep 18, 2022
1. what is the maximum monthly quantity that can be supplied?
2. what is the best price/pcs for bulk orders?
3. where is the stock located?
4. is the price including the shipping fees?
We have no limit on the order quantity. 
We are looking for the best price manufacturer when searching for the product supplier. We can’t be sure if it’s an authentic product. We recommend buying samples (1-2 pieces) of products, before purchasing a large butch.

We are located in China with the main office in HongKong. All goods searched inside China will be sent from China.

No, shipping is charged separately. We have a few shipping options with 2-3 weeks delivery time. We ship worldwide by official shipping: UPS, DHL and FedEx. DHL express is the most fast, but also is the most expensive. Best shipping options are available from 100 kg.

To get full access to our service you should have the actual subscribe. 
Just use the search product window to write the name of the product or search by the picture, or add the amazon/Alibaba/1688 link to find the product you need.
After the product will be found just send the request to get the wholesale amount and by 1 day, we will find an offer for you with the best prices. You will receive a notification by mail
After the product will be found, you can check the price for the delivery options and place the order. 

1. Add the name of the product in the searching field.
2. Choose the product that you need, click for details.
3. Send the request for the searching.
Here is the link for the registration.
Pay your attention that our service is paid. 

Please contact customer service by email
Sep 29, 2022
Willing to buy 500 units. What would be he price on that?
To get the wholesale prices you need to send request for the search. After it will be find you will get the automatic notification by email.
You can use the 5 requests in the standard subscription for the 39$.
Request wholesale prices - 5 time

You can use it if you need to find a product that was not added to our database before.

Also, you have free access to the database of the requests which was already founded before.
Just use the button Available.

For all these products no need to use searching requests.

The button add to cart mean that product has already been found and you can order it without sending the searching request.

Here is the link for the registration.
Pay your attention that our service is paid. 

Our algorithms will automatically search for wholesale prices for similar products, the search time is up to 1 minute.