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Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50
Face Mask, Pack of 50

Face Mask, Pack of 50

Face Mask, Pack of 50

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50 Count (Pack of 1)
3T Santai
0.5 kg
Product Description

It's important-your masks can protect them, their masks can protect you from wearing masks in public places, and other social alienation measures are difficult to maintain, such as grocery stores help protect the health of your loved ones and everyone's contact with the case Soaring again, many states have hit record highs-trying to help smooth the curve and protect the people around

3 layers of protection-disposable masks with three layers of three layers of protection. These masks are comfortable and breathable. The outer layer of non-woven fabric and the inner meltblown layer. Three layers provide protection for the nose and mouth against large drops, splashes and sprays.

Comfortable fit-Soft elastic ear straps and adjustable nose bridge Comfortable fabric fabric mask can be stretched, suitable for all face shapes and sizes, fits comfortable skin, suitable for businesses, employees, customers and general use conforms to state and local Mask Guidelines

New Normal-We strictly inspect the quality of all masks and manufacture them in strict accordance with standards. During these uncertain times, we are committed to providing you with the high-quality products you need

Note-These three-layer masks provide greater face protection than reusable cloth masks or no masks, but remember that they are not suitable for high-risk environments

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