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Tool Car Fault Detector Scanner
Tool Car Fault Detector Scanner
Tool Car Fault Detector Scanner
Tool Car Fault Detector Scanner

Tool Car Fault Detector Scanner

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Tool Car Fault Detector Scanner

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#1. Gas Cap #2. Oxygen Sensor #3Air Fuel Ratio Sensor #4. Mass Air Flow Sensor #5. Ignition Coils #6. Spark Plug Wires #7. Spark Plugs #8. Thermostat #9. EGR Valve #10.Evaporatative Emission Canister Purge Valve(EVAP) #11. Catalytic Converter.

And the NT301 obdii code reader will read codes indicating these fault parts. After the car problems have been solved, Foxwell NT301 code reader car diagnostic tool can erase these trouble codes and turn off check engine light. (Note, MIL codes will come back resulted from maintenance failure. Please read user manual carefully to understand and make the utmost of the full potential of NT301 tool. And download the Specification Sheet and User Guide of the Technical Specification Column in this page to better use NT301 auto scanner.)


As everybody who has cars knows, people always spend hundreds of even thousands of dollars on their vehicles just because the engine light was on. However, most of them don't know they could make it off themselves with dozens of dollars - using NT301 obdii code scanner. This obd2 scanner could resolve most reasons which caused engine light on, and tell you what’s wrong with your car engine, and if it is necessary to be sent to workshop. Altogether, the Foxwell NT301 car diagnostic scan tool would save you much time and money. It is also a great choice if you are looking for a obd scanner well-built, easy-use with wide vehicle coverage. (Please note, UPDATE IS NOT NECESSARY before utilization, and NO NEED TO REGISTER on Foxwell website before update. )

Product Features:

1. Supports multiple code requests: Generic, manufacturer specific and pending codes.

2. Clears codes, turns off Check Engine Light (CEL) and resets monitors.

3. DTC definition can be automatically displayed after reading, press "HELP" button with DTC guide for possible causes if codes show the small "?" icon.

4. Reads freeze frame data which shows engine conditions such as fuel trim, engine coolant temp, etc. at the time the Malfunction Indicator Lamp(MIL) was set.

5. Reads, records, graphs & playbacks(data logging) live sensor data.

6. Reads live O2 sensor/on-board monitor test data.

car code reader

odb2 scanner

obdii scanner

Save Time and Money

Perform a complete diagnosis of your car anytime, anywhere with Foxwell NT301 check engine light diagnostic tool. It is designed for fast use so you can get the results you want in the shortest time with one-click hot keys for reading/clearing DTCs. It enables you repair the problem yourself, or let you know exactly what needs replacement in case you need to take your car to a repair shop. This helps you avoid blind maintenance and repair costs that could amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars. You also avoid being pushed to buy parts that you do not need because you know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle.

To know if you are ready for a smog check, press I/M button for 3 seconds.

User-friendly Design

Hand-held size, clearly arranged keypad, menu-driven navigation, hotkeys and 2.8'' color screen together make the obd2 scanner extremely easy to use.

What live data can be read by this device?

How much data can be read depends on the vehicle, there are over 40 graphing live data (Download the Specification Sheet to get a whole list), to list some: FUELSYS(fuel system status), LOAD_PCT(Calculated load value),ECT(Engine Coolant Temperature), SHRTFT(Short term fuel trim-bank), LONGFT(Long term fuel trim-bank), Engine RPM, VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor), SPARKADV(Ignition timing advance for cylinder 1), IAT(Intake air temperature), MAF(Mass Air Flow), TP(Absolute Throttle Position), O2SLOC(Location of Oxygen Sensors), O2B1S2(Oxygen sensor output voltage (B1-S2), SHRTFT(Short term fuel trim), OBDSUP(OBD requirements), MIL_DIST( Distance traveled while MIL activated), EQ_RATB1S1(Equivalence Ratio Bank 1, Sensor1), O2B1S1(Oxygen sensor output voltage), EVAP_PCT(Commanded Evaporative Purge), etc.

Optional EVA Carrying Case

With this Foxwell NT301 protection carrying case, you can prevent it from being damaged whether you place it in a trunk, toolbox, or garage.

Can it be upgraded on MAC system?

Sorry, the NT301 scan tool can be updated on Windows systems only(including windows 10), please visit Foxwelll official website and download NTWonder and update.

Will it read ABS/ airbag codes?

Sorry, NT301 obdii scanner is able to read and clear check engine information which is part of OBDII system, but it cannot work on non-OBDIIsystems(ABS/air bag/oil service light,ect.). While FOXWELL NT630 is specially developed for ABS/SRS system, you will be able to use NT630 to reset airbag/abs service light. Besides, FOXWELL NT614/NT624 can reset oil service light.

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