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10a-16a European Plug Adapter
10a-16a European Plug Adapter
10a-16a European Plug Adapter
10a-16a European Plug Adapter
10a-16a European Plug Adapter

10a-16a European Plug Adapter

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10a-16a European Plug Adapter

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  • European Adapter Type C Plug - Compatible in most European countries such as Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany,Greece, Hungary,Portugal, Poland, Netherlands,Spain, Turkey, Iceland, Italy. More country list can be checked in description. ( NOTE: NOT WORK in UK/Ireland/Scotland, if need please choose our Type G adapter)
  • 3 in 1 inputs Wall adapters for Europe - This europe power adapter accepts the standard N American 2 or 3 prong flat pin Plug, Max Capacity Up to 2500 Watt (max 250 Volt, 10 A);  
  • Compact Size and Indicator - This international power adapter is mini and good for Travel; Led indicator can let you know the power of this european travel plug adapter is on/off
  • Note - This is NOT A VOLTAGE CONVERTER. This power adapter us to Europe is only compatible for 110V-240V wide voltage device, especially your hair dryer, straightener, electric toothbrush or razor MUST to support 110V-240V Dual Voltage, otherwise you may need a power voltage converter

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