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Our database dedicated to the domestic market in China, where prices are much lower when compared to international catalogs.
We offer local Chinese prices, while other platforms prices increases for foreign customers.

Exclusive and unique products.

We have decent suppliers not registered on other wholesale platforms. These companies are big enough to offer their products in mainland China but there are no English-speaking staffs, with which we are happy to help.
You can find some rare items out here which are not available even on Chinese wholesale platforms.
And this will allow you as the entrepreneur to stand out from the competition, offering your customers something unique.
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Low MOQ.

Most products avalable from 1-2 pieces.
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Product customizations.

We will coordinate and control the customization of goods.
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Inspection of goods.

Checking products for compliance with the order before shipment.
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Membership plans.

In order to provide the best price for products and a high level of service, we charge a monthly fee from our users.
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$1 first week, then $99/mo
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100 supply requests
$1 first week, then $249/mo
1 Supply Request is equal to each found product, answered product question, or processed product customization request.
When you click on the “Request Wholesale Prices” we providing wholesale suppliers research.
We are looking for the best price supplier, specifying production terms, weight and sizes for the shipping.
Please note that original product can be replaced with the similar one in case if we can’t find original product supplier.