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Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender

Manual research of manufacturers in China. Processing takes about an hour during business hours and 1 supply request will be deducted from your wholesale account.

用这个超大的平底锅制作成批的饼干和酒吧。适合所有标准尺寸的烤箱。比半张大35%!我们的商用Naturals Bakeware由加热均匀,防锈的铝制成,并在轮辋周围采用镀锌钢板加固,以增加强度。面包师同意铝烤最好。仅手洗清洁。美国制造。有限终身保修。推荐使用尼龙,木头或硅胶餐具。金属器皿和百洁布可能会刮伤天然铝锅,但不会影响烘烤性能

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