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Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories
Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories
Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories
Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories
Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories
Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories
Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories
Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories

Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories

Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter (MB-MC128GA): Computers & Accessories

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Mar 17, 2018
There's a lot of fake micro SD cards being sold to unsuspecting customers online, especially the Samsung cards since they're usually one of the best available. These fake cards while they look virtually identical to the OEM cards are usually smaller in size such as a 8GB or 16GB actual size card which report themselves as being 128GB+ in size. Not only are they not the correct size of storage, but their read and write speeds are inferior to the OEM cards. With this ongoing problem in the market, it's made it very difficult purchasing any Micro SD cards online from retailers such as Amazon and more so Ebay. Due to this problem I have collected an assortment of software tools to inspect the authenticity of every SD card I purchase. These tools include Chip Genius, FakeFlashTest, and H2testw on the PC, along with a couple Android Apps on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone. I am happy to report, my inspections have concluded these cards being sold on Amazon are authentic Samsung cards. I even have an identical Micro SD card purchased directly from Samsung's website and all the reported data findings are identical on this card besides the serial number which is what I would hope to find. I'm going to include some screen captures from the apps I used on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone as a reference, so you should know what to expect from an authentic Samsung Micro SD card. Review Update: I recently purchased a 256GB Samsung Card from another online retailer not named Amazon, where the seller had 100% positive feedback, was an established 4 year member and the price wasn't that much of a savings over what I had seen listed on Amazon for the same item. I contacted the seller to verify the authenticity prior to purchase. All signs seemed to indicate it was a Legit Samsung card, but upon arrival I learned differently that it was a fake. I got my money back for that item, but sadly another unsuspecting victim made a purchase at the same time and left the seller a positive feedback review. That's because the fake cards to work until you lose your data because you exceed the real storage limit of the card which is typically 8GB. Now having a REAL Samsung SD Cards and a FAKE in hand, I thought I would take that opportunity to assist others the visual differences between a REAL and FAKE Samsung SD card. See added REAL vs FAKE images. The FAKE is not from Amazon. Review Update 2/28/2019 I have observed some reviews where they have stated they received a fake. Hopefully, my original review assisted in identifying that it was indeed a fake. My thought on this is because although you are making your purchase on Amazon, the item is actually "Sold By" multiple vendors under the same Amazon listing. I have been asked by multiple individuals to specify who my Authentic Samsung cards were sold by. I've now made multiple purchases of Samsung EVO SD cards through Amazon. Below is a list of the sellers from whom I have received authentic Samsung SD cards from my purchases. Authentic Samsung SD card models purchased and sellers purchased through Amazon. Samsung EVO Select 128GB= Sold By: Services, Inc Samsung EVO Select 256GB= Sold By: Services, Inc Samsung EVO Plus 256GB= Sold By: Platinum Micro, Inc. Samsung EVO Plus 256GB= Sold By: Blizzard LLC Samsung EVO Plus 256GB= Sold By: ShopSmart Deals Samsung EVO Plus 128GB= Sold By: US EcoZone Samsung EVO Plus 128GB= Sold by: Triplenet Pricing INC
Oct 04, 2018
Purchased two of these 128 GB cards and both failed. Both were placed in LG Stylo 4 phones. Both phones printed that the cards were ejected due to an error. Now, what is happening is the following....even after formatting the cards, which would show that 128 GB were available..the phones would prompt the error. I ran a test to see if the cards would read and right the correct speeds and if they were 128 GB. please see the included photo of the test. They were not 128 GB, so the phone realized that it was labeled at 128GB but failed to reach that number via its own test because of the discrepancy. So the phone prompts you tovtove the card in the event that you take important photos and then loss them. I purchased these cards from Amazon after having the same issue with another purchase of the same type. It is becoming common that purchasing SD cards online have a great chance of the cards being fake. It's a tuff call, but I will be purchasing the cards from Best buy with the hopes that they are purchasing and reselling authentic cards. So please do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere or risk having your memories deleted or unable to be accessed.
Jan 16, 2019
Card was a fake, loaded 50gigs worth of video at 14mps and most of them were unveiwable. Contacted Samsung and they do not sell these cards on Amazon, they are sold by mark scholl. Samsung will not replace counterfeit sd cards and although I reordered the card before I found out that they are from a third party I now run the risk of getting a 2nd counterfeit 32 gigs card programmed to say it's a 128gig. As far as fakes go they are pretty good and only the micro SD is fake. The packaging looks real, the adapter has the correct markings and even the card says it's made in the Philippines. Will update if I receive a second fake card.
Feb 14, 2018
For those wondering about using this with the Nintendo works GREAT. System will probably need to update. Easy to install — does what its supposed to, and at a fraction of the cost of some other brands.
Jun 02, 2018
Received a product with questionable authenticity. H2wtestw reveals that card is only capable of 35 mb/s write which is below the spec
Jun 04, 2018
I've tried to get it to work in 3 different devices, none of them recognize the card. Conclude that the card is useless. Naturally, it's now a day past my ability to return it, so I'm stuck. Won't be buying Samsung storage again.
Apr 10, 2018
Got this for my Galaxy S8 phone and so far it's working great with no issues. Update 7.4.18 Have had no issues with this card and purchased a 2nd one for a new Galaxy S9 I recently got. Works as expected and no issues.
Jul 18, 2018
Doesn’t work
Aug 05, 2018
Intended use case: Expanded storage for my phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I intend to use this for images, videos, movies, and as many apps as possible. This product as a solution: I have used Samsung SD cards for years in GoPros, cameras, phones, etc. and I can honestly say they are the best. Fastest transfer speeds, secure, and I've only lost data from a corrupted card once or twice (in about 9 years of use). Needless to say, the card functions perfectly. Be aware that some apps will not be able to move to an SD card, but that is to optimize performance and fine. Slow-mo video must also be recorded on the native storage. 128 GB is more than enough for plenty of movies, photos, games, etc. This card will not disappoint. SIDE NOTE: Do not skimp on SD cards. The extra money is minimal and totally worth it -- trust me.
Jan 28, 2019
The very first thing I did upon receiving this chip was test its authenticity using the H2testw freeware -- something you should ALWAYS do with a new chip, no matter where you get it from, because there are counterfeit chips everywhere and many look remarkably authentic. I'm happy to say that this Samsung clocked in at 122 gigs with zero data errors...a little shy of the stated 128 capacity but it seems like storage always falls slightly short of the stated capacity so that's OK. Speed was an unremarkable 44.2 MByte/s writing, 68.1 MByte/s reading...but this test was conducted on an old PC through the SD adapter so no dings there. Overall, this chip is what it purports to be. The warning is that I could not initially run the H2testw because it couldn't write to the disk, nor could I do a fast format. This initially set off alarm bells, but it turns out that what I had to do was a time consuming full format. After I did this, everything was fine. No idea why the disk wouldn't take a fast format or accept a read/write test out of the package. As an aside, the H2testw can take a long time -- it's a thorough test, but not particularly efficient. But don't be impatient. Fire up the test, go have lunch, or let it run in the background while you do something else as it takes very few system resources. When you're done, you'll be rewarded by knowing just what exactly that chip you have really is, and if it's safe to slap your precious data on it. Time well spent.