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Vision Correction Glasses
Vision Correction Glasses

Vision Correction Glasses

Min. order: 2000 pieces
5000-9999 pieces
≥ 10000 pieces
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Vision Correction Glasses

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  • Research shows that micro-optical glasses can best protect the eyes. Nowadays, it is widely believed that small-hole glasses can really improve vision, avoid visual impairment, and even ophthalmologists can use small-hole glasses to check for refractive errors.
  • ✍This small hole glasses is the latest version of the fourth generation, environmentally friendly materials, soft and tasteless, comfortable to wear, clearer to see things, can be used for class, watch TV, prevent myopia, improve vision (less than 300), slow down Eye fatigue is an indispensable friend of children.
  • ✍ Frequent use of small glasses instead of prescription glasses (television, computer, reader) will improve vision. Vision increased by 10-20% in 2-4 weeks.
  • ✍Wearing 15 minutes a day helps improve vision. Activate your natural vision ability in a few weeks. Clearly eliminating stress, strain-induced glasses can help you clearly see the distance and promote visual habits, naturally and without medication.
  • ✍ glasses or contact lenses usually do not remedy the cause of eye strain. Anyone can wear pinhole glasses, and the optician does not need to be specially installed. Suitable for adults and children, improving myopia (myopia) hyperopia (long-term goal) presbyopia (a series of age-related relief points) astigmatism cataract eye fatigue (from computer screen).


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